Our Beer Vision

The Beer Snob Story

Beer Snob Clothing Co. was created for those with beer tastes on a champagne budget. Laurie Cantrell, owner and founder of Beer Snob Clothing Co., wishes to unite craft beer connoisseurs everywhere. A beer enthusiast of 20+ years, Laurie recognizes a good brew. Laurie travels the country in search of the finest craft brews.

Join the Beer Snob Revolution

If you're a beer snob raise your mug, tulip, glass or bottle. If not, raise your standards.

We snobs all know it's not just about the aroma, the smoothness, or the aftertaste. A great beer snob experience requires the total package, craft selection, the right atmosphere, and a loyal and entertaining friend who has signed a confidentiality clause.

Beer snobs need to distinguish themselves from the masses who are satisfied with subpar brews, thus the branding of Beer Snob Clothing Co. Beer Snob Clothing features insignia and wordplay that every craft beer enthusiast can appreciate.

Separate yourself from the masses.

Beer Snobs Unite!

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